Eat More Plants.


So excuse me for going on a rant right now but I need to write this out of my mind. I told a friend of mine that something she’d been saying to me for years felt patronizing. At first she was mildly apologetic but the next day I could tell that she was trying to get around it. Long story short, it ended with her telling me that I should be apologizing for hurting HER feelings by saying she patronized me. I mean really?!? Does that sound fucking ridiculous or is something wrong with me. I should be apologizing because i voiced my feelings about something bothering me? I just don’t even know where to go from there lol. It seems so stupid that you couldn’t just say oh sorry I didn’t mean to seem that way. And it would be over and done. But no, the better option is to turn it around on me and criticize my choice of words. Hmmm. Ok.
This is why I don’t have many friends my age. The immaturity level is astounding. Maybe it’s just the certain friends I’ve held onto from high school. I don’t fucking know anymore lol. I just don’t have time to argue about stupid shit! I said something offended me and that’s that. I’m not going to shut my mouth when my feelings are hurt. Sorrrryyy.
What a fucking waste of energy to fight about shit like this.


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