Eat More Plants.

Vegan Leather.

Just to preface this post:
I’m cant deny the fact that I have acquired many things made of real leather. Jackets & shoes. It’s an abominable practice (skinning an animal); if you actually research it, you might vomit. However, I have promised to myself that I will not contribute to that industry any longer. There are just too many options nowadays and I don’t think it’s necessary. But hey, if you live in Alaska and selling animal skins is your job then good for you. At least they use every part of the animal and it’s not some profiteering bullshit.


I was always intrigued by the term “vegan leather”. I’ve been a frequent ‘Free People’ shopper since ’06 when one of my girlfriends turned me onto the brand. I noticed they had a vegan section and was always eyeing it. At first I thought it might just be a way to get people to spend $$ on items that would be out of their price range if they were real leather. So I bought a pair of vegan leather pants and fell deeply in love. The craftsmanship is ridiculous! They’re so real feeling and looking, you’d be hard pressed to actually know they were vegan. I was amazed at the worn in texture they achieved with these. Also the color is seriously perfect. I’m not a fan of black leather and these are an off-black, almost army greenish color. Looks different in all lighting. Really worth the expense. And about 1/3 of the price of animal leather. Don’t skimp on these; cheap material will look cheap.



I’ve been lusting over these Stella McCarthy wedges for a while…nice to know that she’s vegan and an animal rights activist. It’s no coincidence that I went vegan soon after getting chickens as pets. It really put into perspective (for me at least) how it’s not acceptable to single out some animals for domestication and some for slaughter. I love my chickens for giving me a new outlook on food!


I think I could rock these most of the year. Bright enough for spring and summer and still a perfectly warm fall tone. Of course there’s no guarantee on heel wearing weather in the winter time when you live in the north east…

Random Fact:
Did you know that Louis Vuitton uses canvas, not leather for the majority of their bag material? I was kind of surprised by this, being that their merchandise is so expensive.

Mr. Vuitton himself, was an apprentice to a trunk maker in the 19th century and used a special waterproof canvas for the trunks. This was the basis of the idea for the canvas bags.

What you are paying top dollar for is the name and the craftsmanship. LV bags do last forever. I dropped out of my molecular bio program in college in ’06 and started working 3 jobs. I treated myself to one and it’s still in great condition. In fact, I think that being worn in, it looks and feels way better than brand new. I don’t use it often anymore, especially in the winter time I’m usually just shoving all my stuff into the pockets of my Northface (lol). But since LV’s are waterproof they are a great travel bag in all seasons.


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