Eat More Plants.

Vegan Reads or Vegans Read.

why people have such ridiculous opinions about being vegan

This article is so great. It’s worth the 3 minutes of your time whether you’re vegan or not. Interesting stuff.

Also information about vitamins and/or supplements you should think about, again, vegan or not.

the environmental impacts of your dinner

Another great article. Makes me glad I haven’t contributed to the meat/ dairy industry in a long time and don’t intend to ever again.

A “make-you-think” bullet point from this article…
…”40 percent of fresh water used in the US in 2000 went to irrigate crops to feed livestock.”

How is this ok?!



4 Responses to “Vegan Reads or Vegans Read.”

  1. Jenya Alexandrovna

    I honestly don’t know how these ex vegans transition so smoothly into eating meat and dairy again. The one time I had meat put in my food when I ate out (had a few bites, freaked out when the waiter said it was meat, when I specified for beans), I was vomiting for several days.
    Not to mention the gas that you get when you transition back. Smells like death.

    • foodfashionfarm

      Honestly, I think some of these people never really went for the vegan ideals in the first place. If you have a bite of meat and you’re immediately salivating and moaning in delight, I don’t think you were whole hearted about giving it up in the first place! It’s not the end of the world to try going vegan and realize it’s not for you but be honest about your reasons instead of preaching these ridiculous ideas.


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