Eat More Plants.

A Day of Raw Till 4.


I wanted to give anybody interested in trying raw till 4 an idea of what one entire day of eating looks like.


I’ll admit I was skeptical of this lifestyle, especially having been someone who overcame eating disorders. I thought it was way too restrictive and was honestly disturbed by the fact that so many people overcoming an ED were trying it/recommending it. It was my inner cynicism trying to be heard.

After following Free Lee, researching more about the way raw till 4 would help my body and actually trying it for about 3 weeks (so far), I realize that it’s not restrictive at all. It’s a perfect mix of a raw diet and a vegan diet.

In my opinion, I didn’t have enough energy on a fully raw diet. Having a big, carb filled, cooked dinner is so fulfilling. I have cut out some unnecessary fat and salt. I’m eating only whole foods, nothing processed at all. It makes a big difference! Most prepared, frozen and processed foods use an excessive amount of sodium to preserve the product. A pinch of sea salt for seasoning won’t kill ya but that processed shit will. Stick with foods in their whole form; fresh and local as possible.


So, I know that Free Lee recommend about 1000 calories for each meal but I find for my own body that 5 or 6 smaller meals works better. Pictured above is an average of my before 4 food: a few cups of watermelon to start, one or two banana/carob/date blends, a few extra bananas and some acidic fruits like pineapple, raspberry and orange after noon. Two huge green salads; one around lunch and one with dinner. Leafy greens aid digestion. 3 or 4 roasted potatoes for dinner with some avocado; easy and filling!

I’ve also been researching the whole “food combining” concept. It seems tedious at first but like anything in life, once you learn how to do it, it becomes second nature. The main points I got from it are:

NO proteins with starches, ie. – no eggs with bread
NO acid fruits with carbs, ie. – no grapefruit with bananas
Melon as your first meal and only by itself, because of it’s high water content, it digests quickly
No more than 3 whole foods at each meal

It makes sense when you think about. The less different kinds of food your body has to process at once, the less bloating/gas/indigestion you will have to deal with.

Don’t feel overwhelmed if you’re just starting to change your diet. Take a few steps at a time in the right direction and you’ll get there eventually. If you have any doubts about it, do research! There’s an abundance of information on food combining and why it’s good for you to start the day with fruit.

I found this food combining article to be helpful.


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