Eat More Plants.



Every year without fail the peonies start to bloom on the rainiest day EVER. Some flowers can stand the rain, peonies cannot. They need to be staked up, with twine and stakes or with wire, however is easiest. But they are so heavy that if you don’t they will be on the ground and you won’t get to enjoy them. Thankfully my bf staked them up for me this morning before any rain had started…whatta man.
We did so much work outside today, getting the field ready for planting. I can’t wait to start planting! I have so many different varieties of tomatoes this year. Also a bunch of stuff I’ve never tried to grow before: corn, beets, broccoli and swiss chard. I love my fresh veggies! Probably going to have to figure out a way to can things and preserve them so they’ll last into the winter…and I know my friends and family will be eating well! Maybe next season we can do a CSA. That would be awesome but I don’t want to get overly ambitious.

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