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I’m in love with this project! I’m taking all my pants that I’m not crazy about, whether it be the way they fit or color or in general, and sprucing them up into shorts. I bought a huge bag of studs last Christmas and I used the last of them for these shorts. I put a ruler through the belt loops and hung them into a 5 gallon bucket with a gallon of lukewarm water and 2 cups of bleach mixed in. I let them soak for about 6 hours. You can see the color fading although it does happen pretty slowly, just don’t forget about them and leave them over night because they could disintegrate into nothing lol. It’s happened to me before. Fraying the edges was the most tedious part. I used a razor blade and ran in over the edge in all different directions. In total I’d say this project took about 4 hours of active time and 6 just waiting for the bleaching. I’m currently searching the Internet for a bright blue dye to dip dye my next pair. I think I’ll try to do some patches of lace sown on as well.

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