Eat More Plants.


I hate all the commercials on the Disney channels. It’s ridiculous to watch them as an adult. If you buy this toy you’ll have so many friends! If you buy this candy all your friends will come over and eat it with you! The power of persuasion. Kids minds are so vulnerable to this kind of stuff and advertisers really take advantage of it. So mean. I try to only let my girl watch the Sprout channel but she can read the names of the shows and she’ll change the channel if she sees Dora or Diego on the Disney channel. Sprout is not as bad as Disney by far. I’m jealous of my friends that have never let their kids watch tv. At least now it’s summer time and we’re constantly outside. It’s in the winter when it’s dark by 4:30 that she’s wanting to watch cartoons. TV is evil. Period.

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