Eat More Plants.


That made me lol.

So I was talking with my friend who has been vegetarian/vegan for her whole life yesterday about veggie burgers. Last year I was not really into eating meat so instead of the typical chicken nugget kids meal, I was buying morning star brand veggie nuggets. She told me that a lot of vegetarian products make their soy protein using hexane, which is a pretty harmful toxin. How is this legal? It’s basically the cheapest way to get the soy protein isolated from the fat in the actual soybean. I was kind of appalled at the lack of discretion with this kind of stuff. You think you’re doing the right thing for your body and being healthy and the corporations are taking advantage of that. It’s too bad that this is not more common knowledge! I’m thankful that my local co-op is smart enough to only carry the best brands and they do their research as well.
This is the article I was reading about this morning. hexane
Thank goodness for super intelligent friends! I’m always willing to listen if you’ve got something to teach me.

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