Eat More Plants.


Inspiration from a restaurant in Miami. Pie in a jar! How amazing and simple and genius all at the same time.
Also I bought a shit ton of ball jars to can things in from the garden; pickled peppers, cucumber salad, tomatoes, etc…
Going to try and make some peach jam as well from my neighbors’ peaches! Exciting.

My in-laws are visiting with my 11 year old niece this week. I love my M in-law but she rarely visits because she hates leaving Queens. On the other hand my F in-law visits all the time and I truly can’t deal. He’s constantly smoking cigarettes and I’m going to fucking lose my mind over it. The smell alone makes me gag. I know, I used to smoke. I smoked for about 6 years. But I guess being a smoker you never really get the full effect of the smell. It’s rancid. Today he told me that I HAVE to get my daughter christened. I told him flat out no. I don’t push my atheist/ Buddhist beliefs on anyone, why do you have to push yours on me?! And it’s not like he’s a star parent that I should be taking his advice. He kicked his son out at 15 and told him to go F himself. Real nice. I feel really strongly about not doing any sort of religious ceremony for her. I’m just not going to do it! End.

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