Eat More Plants.

Hurricane Sandy has ravaged a major portion of the east coast. I didn’t feel like dressing up for Halloween this year; I’m just not in the spirit. I feel badly for all the people who got flooded out of their homes! Such a crazy storm. It didn’t hit me here in Vermont like the newscasters had expected. It’s been hard to get in touch with my family on Long Island because there’s no power and barely any cell phone towers running. My family in Brooklyn and Queens are fine and unbelievably still have power. The devastation along the coastline is surreal. Homes and cars buried under sandy beaches. Nothing recognizable to say the least. I saw a really striking photo of the midtown tunnel completely flooded with cars floating in the entrance. A roller coaster on the Jersey shore was washed out in the middle of the ocean. It’s unbelievable what this storm has done!

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