Eat More Plants.

You are what you eat.


I am a firm believer in “you are what you eat”. Which is why I’ve always been opposed to vitamins or supplements. I believe that getting nutrients from food is the best way to quite literally feed your body. A decent percentage of vitamins that you take in pill form passes through you without being absorbed. It’s always more healthy for your body to receive its nutrients in their most natural and readily available state. And of course not everyone’s body absorbs and refines food the same way which is why it’s important to make sure you’re levels are in check, usually by a blood test. I was borderline anemic when I was younger and was always told to take iron pills. The side effects and difficulty with iron absorption turned me off from the concept and led me to take a different route. I eat lentils, pumpkin seeds and quinoa on a regular basis. Also good to remember that calcium, tea and coffee hinder iron absorption. Try not to eat or drink them within 30 minutes before or after eating iron rich foods. I maintain a healthy iron level by paying attention to how my body feels as well. If I’m feeling fatigued and not myself, I know that something must be low. It’s good to be in touch with your body!

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