Eat More Plants.

Cucumber Aloe Spritzer. [perfect for a hot day.]


Spring is upon us, with summer fast approaching, and I thought this was right on target. I love DIY beauty stuff. Good thinking Free People blog!

I spend a lot of time outside, all year long, and I know I will appreciate this in the dead heat of summer. I usually just spray myself down with the hose (which is ICE cold well water) or I run down the driveway and jump into our pond (which is actually just as cold spring water, lol).

The combination of all these ingredients, cucumber, lemon, aloe & rosewater, is so perfect. There’s no need to change a thing! Cooling, refreshing, renewing and smells so good.

What you need:

1 cucumber
Squeeze of lemon
1 t aloe vera gel
1 T rosewater

Peel your cucumber, chop it and put it in your blender.
Blend on high for one minute.
Pour your mixture into a piece of cheesecloth, laid in a bowl so the cucumber water drips into the bowl when you gather the edges and squeeze.


Press out as much liquid as you can.
Discard or compost what’s left inside the cheesecloth.
Pour your cucumber water back into the blender with the remaining ingredients and blend.
Add some water if it’s too thick to be sprayed.
Pour your concoction into a spray bottle and store in the fridge.
Will keep for about a week, so use wisely!

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