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Husk Cherries & other fall flavors. [pie style]



I got so many beautiful things from the farmers market today. Truth be told, I don’t always go with something particular in mind but today I did. Pie!


I bought husk cherries, or ground cherries, from the co-op the other day and I was mystified as what to do with them. I’ve bought them before and just picked at them or threw them in my salad but this year I was in a pie mood.


Husk cherries are really interesting. They look like tiny tomatillos. The flavor is hard to describe: sweet tomato-y, vanilla-ish and something else I can’t quite figure out. I like them though.

So I used my go-to crust recipe for a classic apple tart, here, and molded it into a few 6 inch springform tart pans.

I poured in a handful of raspberries and husk cherries and sprinkled a few teaspoons of raw sugar all over them.

Baked them at 400 degrees F for about 35 minutes, maybe 40 at most.

I really loved the way these came out!

I made them pretty rustic, just folded the extra crust over around the outside, nothing fancy. The taste of the raspberries and the husk cherries together was a perfect combination. I will definitely be making these beauties again!



This is my first fall harvest:
A 50 pound pumpkin, tons of delicata squash, watermelon, tomatillos, tomatoes and a stray yellow summer squash that was hiding beneath the overgrown kale.

Cannot wait to roast that squash…

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