Eat More Plants.

Strawberry EVERYthing. 

It’s just about the end of strawberry season in the northeast. No joke – I can smell them just from looking at these pictures.

We’ll be able to pick once or twice more if the weather abides. Our freezer is stocked and our bellies are full but we can never seem to get sick of these fresh juicy jewels.

No recipes here. Just some inspiration and appreciation for the first beautiful berry of the season and probably a post I will look back at in 6 months while I’m watching the snow falling outside…

Fresh strawberries, mint, coconut sugar and rice whip.


Field work.

Strawberry Coconut Butter Stuffed Chocolate Cups.

Prepping for Strawberry Jam.

F R E S H.

Chocolate Covered….

Strawberry Galette.

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