Eat More Plants.


These chicks are three weeks old now and I cannot believe how fast they’ve grown!! It’s unbelievable. They’re all starting to grow that weird little red rubbery thing on the top of their head, which I’m sure there is a term for but I’m not going to google it now…I can’t wait for the first time that we’ll be able to go collect eggs and eat them fresh. My Grandpa (not the one with the darkroom, that’s my dad’s dad) actually wrote a book on raising poultry and he said that you wouldn’t believe the difference in eating fresh eggs and eggs from the grocery store. Something about the way the yolk gets when it sits in the carton for a while. I’ll write about it as soon as I eat them lol. Which won’t be until September I guess, but I’m saving egg cartons already and so are all my friends and family. Exciting! I also really want a goat but that’s another project…

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