Eat More Plants.

A Girl and Her Dog


Our oldest dog is almost 10 which is pretty elderly for a pitbull. I think he would benefit from one of those acorn stairlift things that they make for old people (lol) because he has bad arthritis and it’s painful even for us to watch him hobble up and down the stairs. He really is the best dog, everyone that meets him falls in love instantly, he’s a total mush. I hate that pitbulls get a bad rap for being violent and aggressive. It really has everything to do with the owner and very little to do with the breed itself. They do have super powerful jaws and are very strong in general but why do people just assume that it means a pitbull will bite something and not let go? The whole michael vick (no his name does not deserve to be capitalized) fiasco made me so so SO sad. He and his cronies totally manipulated the fact that pitbulls are so loyal and so obedient to their owners. They knew that they would do whatever they trained them to do, and they abused that power. Animal abuse is sickening!

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