Eat More Plants.


Since I was 14 I’ve always had at LEAST 2 jobs. Sometimes three at a time. I like to work, it’s pretty obvious. Working gives me a sense if fulfillment, like I’m accomplishing something and learning something. Especially my jobs in healthcare, where you truly are helping people in need. Working in a hospital was definitely eye opening. I saw how quickly and skillfully people react in an emergency. It’s kind of amazing how people help each other in times of need without passing judgement. You have no idea who these people are (usually) and they come to you for help in a vulnerable situation.
Still I can say without any ounce of doubt in me that being a mother is the hardest job of all. It’s a 24 hours, 7 day a week, 12 month a year, full time job. No sick leave, no paid vacations, no breaks. You are solely responsible for raising what will eventually be a part of society. You want that little child to grow up and be productive and responsible. Also knowing that to get to that place they’re going to have to make mistakes and learn from them. Maybe that’s the hardest part, knowing the answers but having to let your kid figure it out on their own. I’m fortunate enough to have had a really amazing childhood and I hope I can provide the same for my kid(s).

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