Eat More Plants.


The West River is one of my favorite places in the summer. There are so many places to stop and swim and play. The water is super cold right now but it felt sooo refreshing to jump in and cool down for a minute. As we walked down to the river today, I noticed that somebody left a diaper on the shore (ew gross, I know) but there were SEVEN swallowtail butterflies resting on it. I swear, I am so not religious or a believer in miracles but I totally felt this crazy energy from that experience. As I approached them most of them flew up into the air and separated but two stayed on the ground. It was a seriously magical thing to see and the atmosphere at the shore helped make it feel that way as well. The sun was setting and it was quiet, all you could hear was the sound of rushing water. It was amazing honestly. So picturesque.
I jumped into my pond a few days ago but I jumped right back out because the water felt like ice cubes. SO cold. I could barely breathe. I can’t wait for the water to warm up! The pond is fed from an underground spring so it’s naturally freezing cold but in July and August it’s bearable. Lol. We’re going to walk down to the brook right by my house tomorrow and go swimming, I know it’s going to be cold bug it’s supposed to be close to 90 degrees tomorrow so I’ll take a dip or two. You cannot keep me out of the water. No matter where you put me, I’m drawn to it, it’s in my blood. It’s probably because I grew up on a boat and at the beach. My mom and dad had me on their boat when I was three weeks old. The water is so relaxing to me, it’s so soothing and it really clears my head to just sit and listen to the waves.


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