Eat More Plants.


We went searching for a rainbow the other day because it had been raining but stopped and the sun had started to peek through. Five minutes after I took this picture it started to rain again so I’m glad we saw it when we did!
I don’t understand why people give up on things when they’re not perfect. I was thinking about this while making an angel food cake that kind of exploded out the bundt pan but I guess you could apply it to life in general. I definitely wouldn’t throw away a cake just because it didn’t look perfect, still tastes good anyway. Flaws are what make life interesting. If you knew how everything was going to turn out before you started, wouldn’t you be totally bored? That element of surprise is what keeps me interested.
Nobody ever said relationships have to be perfect in order for them to work. There’s always things you need to work on, not just in a relationship but within yourself. To set a goal, to accomplish something or to fail; it’s all part of learning. Try and try again. Perfection is overrated, unless of course we’re talking about building a bridge. Better be damn close to perfect or else I’m not driving over it.
It’s so easy for me to go off on a tangent…

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