Eat More Plants.


One of my favorite flowers. Some kind of wild geranium I think. The color is so amazing, it’s something you need to experience with your own eyes to believe how beautiful it really is.
On a separate note…
I recently had the strangest experience with an old friend. Somebody who I had known for a long time but hadn’t seen in years. Maybe because I had a child at a fairly young age, I feel like by now you should somewhat have a grasp on life. Pushing 30 right? I felt sad almost that she hadn’t changed at all. And I didn’t want to be fake and pretend that her immaturity was amusing but it felt pretty obvious that our old friendship was not going to be rekindled. It was such a weird feeling and it left such an unpleasant taste in my mouth. People really just need to grow up and put themselves out there. If you’re in an uncomfortable situation, deal with it and face your demons. Running back to what’s comfortable to you and what’s “safe” isn’t going to get you anywhere. Strangeness.

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