Eat More Plants.


What is considered photography anymore? I’m curious as to what they teach in photo class in high school and college. Ten years ago when I was in high school, digital cameras weren’t as prevalent as they are now. We learned how to load film into a camera, take pictures adjusting our own apertures and lights, develop the negatives and then develop a picture. Now everything is done instantaneously, you take a picture, adjust it to your liking and upload it for the world to see. I’m not saying I don’t enjoy the convenience of this; I absolutely do. But I just wonder if people with camera phones really appreciate all the work that goes into photography. I’m always printing out my photos because there’s some small amount of paranoia in me wondering if some day the Internet will delete all my years of hard work and memories. Shutterfly has great prices for that kind of stuff. I make a lot of cards through their service.

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