Eat More Plants.


Holy goddamn hell. Best chocolate I’ve had in a long time, maybe ever. It has this weird grainy texture but the most deliciously rich chocolate taste. So many layers of flavor. A bitter taste, then sweet then salty. Perfection. I’m obsessed clearly.
They rebuilt my local co-op and it’s kind of amazing. I’m really picky about where I buy my fresh fruits and veggies. I like to know where they’re coming from! It’s cool to be able to drive by the farms and see the people and the land that’s producing what we’re eating. It’s also farmer’s market season which I’m totally enjoying.
I can’t wait to get eggs from our chickens!!! I wish it was September already. I love eggs. I’m going to have to make a ton of cakes and mousses though. I know at least 6 or 7 of my friends that will buy a dozen a week. We should be getting about 12 dozen a week when the weather is warm, maybe 1/4 as many in the cooler months. I think the co-op will sell them for us also!

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