Eat More Plants.


Had a little party for one of my girlfriends birthdays yesterday. So much fun to watch the kids play. They made up a game of “princesses and knights”. It’s funny how boys love to follow the rules that girls make for them. Or at least these boys do. It’s also really entertaining to watch kids entertain themselves at this age. They’re all almost 4 years old except for one girl who’s almost 5.
I love how food brings people together. It’s always fun to have a picnic or a party where everybody brings something, like a potluck kind of deal. I love seeing my friends cooking styles and getting ideas and recipes from them. A good portion of them are vegetarian and it’s nice to pick their brains for veggie meals. I hate that when people think of vegetarian dishes they usually think of tofu. I mean tofu is alright but it’s definitely not something that you should replace meat with at every meal. All that soy protein is no bueno. Lentils are definitely my fave non meat meal. Love, love, love lentils. I made a really good chick pea salad the other day. Chick peas, feta cheese, adzuki bean sprouts, kalamata olives, scallions, raw zucchini, lemon, balsamic, salt, pepper and oil. My little ones favorite meal has been chick peas and pasta since she was old enough to ask for it, so I’m always having to think of new ways to make them. I have THE best recipe for chick pea patties with tzatziki sauce. I haven’t made it in a while, maybe tomorrows dinner!

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