Eat More Plants.


Swimming lessons are going awesome! I love how independent she’s become with the experience. Her first few classes were torturous. She was really upset that I couldn’t stay with her. But NOW she’s totally fine and I’m so happy she adjusted. She actually told me yesterday that I wasn’t allowed to sit near the pool, I was supposed to go sit with the other moms. Lol. So funny at this age.
So I was looking for a gazpacho recipe and I came across a random blog about eating healthy and the writer seemed to think that eating those frozen lean cuisine meals was going to be their key to success. Sorry to break the news to you but eating processed, salt saturated, frozen foods is not going to be the answer. Whole foods are always healthier for you than processed and mutilated. Your body needs to go through the process of breaking down and absorbing the nutrients in whole foods rather than just letting the processed junk go right through you. That’s what’s so great about foods rich in fiber. Your body is working hard to break down the fiber and it cleans your insides as it passes through. It’s literally like cleaning your intestines with a bottle brush when you eat fiber. I know kind of gross to think about it that way but it’s the truth! And fiber fills you up so that you’re not looking for snacks after you finish eating. I always notice that I feel more satiated and satisfied when I have a decent amount of fiber. Also eating those frozen meals makes you super bloated from all that sodium! I can’t imagine feeling good after eating one of those. Whatever. That’s enough being annoying. I can’t help everybody. I need to get through my thick head that everybody does not have to think like me. It would be pretty boring anyway if everybody had the same brain, right? That’s what makes life interesting, that everybody deals with life differently.

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