Eat More Plants.


She wanted flowers in her braid like the “tangled princess”. Lol. We have watched that movie (Tangled) about eight times in the past two weeks. It’s actually really cute and I enjoyed it. I do love cartoons but this was the first Disney cartoon movie I’ve watched in years. I love all the old ones; the lion king, Alice in wonderland, snow white, lady and the tramp, 101 Dalmatians…do I need to go on? I’ve been trying to have a movie night once a week and this week it was the little mermaid. Sorry for not capitalizing all these titles, it’s killing my brain but I’m too lazy on this iPhone. So. Anyway, the sea witch Ursula was kind if scary I guess, being almost 4 years old I think that was her first villain experience. Ursula is pretty fucking creepy! I love that song that she sings to Ariel though, lol.

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