Eat More Plants.


I was checking out some pictures from Paris fashion week earlier. These shoes on the left are Amazing. Seriously dying a little bit over them. The ones on the right, I dunno. There’s something about them that makes me keep coming back and staring at them. I just can’t figure out what. The pair on the left is Iris Van Herpen and the right is Jean Paul G. I love the shininess of the first pair. They remind me of an alien mouth. Something from a video game maybe. So creepy but so sexy. Is that even possible? I love the heel! So amazing. I could go on and on about these.
My favorite thing about fashion week is that I get to go through my clothes and try to make new outfits and rearrange everything. You need to be inspired constantly. It’s not so much about going out and buying new clothes all the time, for me at least. I’ve been more into buying shoes or accessories to make outfits rather than buying new clothes. Rings and belts are my main obsessions lately! Found an awesome Buddha ring the other day but I’m still contemplating buying it. It’s kind of big and I’m just trying to think if I’m going to want something so HUGE on my hand.

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