Eat More Plants.


As someone who grew up a short walk from a beach, I always felt kind of jaded when it came to moving away. Like I would never appreciate living anywhere else because I already lived in the best place. But with certainty I can say that no matter where I am, I can always find beauty. Maybe I’m just lucky with the places I’ve lived in but I’ve found a lot of amazing places in Vermont, Massachusetts and New Hampshire the past few summers. Breath taking sights. Today we went to a place called Stickney Brook. The way the river had carved through the earth over centuries was really an incredible thing to see close up. Enormous rock ledges that looked so perfectly built, you would think that some bulldozers and cranes lifted and placed the rocks so perfectly together. Crystal clear and cold water. So beautiful!
I can’t lie though, I really hate winter. Lol. I’ll be sure to give myself plenty of DIY projects to make those blistering cold winter months go by fast.

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