Eat More Plants.


I couldn’t help myself. Tee hee.

I swear Judge Judy is the smartest woman alive. I wish she would run for president. She can see through these idiots lies like no big deal. I think it’s a talent actually. I’m pretty good at it too. If you’re telling the truth the story won’t change. If you’re lying, it’s hard to get your story straight time and time again so eventually you slip and mess it up. Judge Judy is the one non cooking show that I absolutely love. Lol. She’s such a witch.

Oh, so I started off wanting to write about how it irritates me when people lie and don’t get called out (I went on a Judge Judy tangent lol). It must be the juvenile, tattle-tale side of me that comes out of hiding once in a while. It just irks me SO BAD. I need to work on that. I guess people lie to make themselves look more appealing to others or try and make the truth look more exciting than it really is. Or to divert someone from getting their feelings hurt. So it’s kind of sad in a way but why does anyone really care that much of what others think of them? Happiness comes from within. Easier said than done but it’s the truth.

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