Eat More Plants.


I loved this cake I made for my babes bday. This was the first layer cake I ever made. I bake a lot, especially cakes, but I’ve never done one like this. I used three cake pans; one 9×13 and two 8×8’s. Next time I’m going to buy a few extra aluminum 8×8 pans so I can do more colors at once. I want to try a Martha Stewart recipe for rainbow cake. It looks beautiful but I think I might need to buy some more food coloring. I only have the typical home bakers little four color box. I don’t use them that often, maybe the only time is in frosting. So I made an almond cake for this. I used my favorite vanilla cake recipe and just substituted some almond meal for a small amount of flour and used almond extract. I made blackberry sauce almost like a jam and used it for the filling in between layers. And of course I used my best frosting ever recipe. Here it is again if you didn’t catch it before:
Frosting recipe
It’s ridiculous how good this frosting is. I can’t recommend it enough. I just gave the recipe to my cousin this past weekend. Maybe I’m just easily impressed by desserts but I think it is freaking out of this world. It’s so simple, you would never expect it up be so decadently rich but light and fluffy at the same time.
While I’m on the subject of being a fatty, I really need to start running again. From a combination of changing birth controls and just walking and not running, I’ve gained 7 or 8 pounds. I know my body well enough to know that all I need to do is go back to the treadmill but I’m so in love with the way my boobs look I just can’t give them up yet. Ugh lol. I know, so stupid. I just don’t have the giant boobs anymore that I had right after I gave birth and I miss them!! At my normal weight my boobs looks small compared to that. Oooh well.

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