Eat More Plants.

I have not baked any sweets in almost TWO weeks. I’ve been making a conscious effort to cut out refined sugar because as I’ve said before, I know it’s my enemy. I’m really missing the creative aspect of baking and not so much the eating part of it. I’d love to decorate some cupcakes right now!

Today I made a frittata with beautiful rainbow chard from my garden, onions, farmers cheese and eggs. I can’t get enough of the chard!  It’s so earthy and flavorful. I need to make pickles again. I have so many damn cucumbers, I don’t have anymore room in the frige. There’s only so many hours in the day I can spend eating cucumbers. Lol. I love that my four year old is totally into eating straight from the garden as well. She loves to go with me to pick a basket full of stuff and I always catch her eating some string beans or lettuce.

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