Eat More Plants.


I do not understand how someone could say they hate bubble tea. Actually maybe if they had one that sucked I could understand it. Some places are really clueless on the right way to cook the bubbles. This place Nam Nam in Brooklyn is kind of terrible with and not consistent at all. Sometimes they’re super mushy and other times they taste nice and firm. Which is why I gave up on all these dumb places and I just make it at home. What used to be my boyfriends and my favorite place in Queens for bubble tea got shut down by the health dept. EW. Seriously. And they have like 3 or 4 locations throughout the whole city. I would never go to one of those again. We had actually considered opening a franchise with them and I’m SO happy we didn’t go through with it. There had to be some negative attention associated with that.
My brothers gf is gluten free and I’ve been trying to perfect gluten free cupcakes lately. There’s a good amount of recipes but that doesn’t mean they’re all delicious unfortunately. I’m going to try these carrot quinoa and faux cream cheese frosting bars first. Actually I don’t need to be dairy free so maybe I’ll just use regular cream cheese frosting. Yum

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