Eat More Plants.

I had a cool idea for some tattoos. I’m just trying to plan it all out before starting it. I want to get some molecular structures tattooed on me; ruby and water mainly and maybe if I can conjure up a good drawing of a double helix also. It’s hard though with the ruby because it’s three dimensional. Still trying to lay it out. Cellular and molecular biology were my favorite classes in college. Something that held my interest from a young age. Unfortunately I also remember lying to my friends about my grades in high school chem and bio because I felt bad I aced everything and they failed. Lol. Oh maybe a few carbon atoms as well.

My garden is ripening faster than I can dole out stuff to my friends and cook!!  I made gazpacho and tomato basil soup yesterday, they both came out absolutely amazing. Those are two of my favorite soups.  There are so many gazpacho recipes out there but this one from Alton Brown is my all time favorite. He is one person that I’d love to meet!  I would love to pick his brain for ideas.

If you can’t click on the link above just google Alton brown gazpacho and it’s the first recipe that pops up.

My blog app is still broken which is why my blog is looking so primitive lately. Ugh. No pictures, no links.


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