Eat More Plants.

Food is Art.

I’ve realized that food has become my primary form of art. I’ve been an artist as long as I can remember. I studied calligraphy with my mom. I had a darkroom in my grandparents house. I took more art classes than any other elective in high school. My mother and brother are both artists. But now that I don’t have the time to invest in art supplies, I found that I made use of what was right in front of me. I cook all day long. Every meal and snack I cook becomes an extension of my design. Granted not EVERY carrot stick and bowl of popcorn becomes art but I try as often as possible. And food really is a great route of therapy. You can get really involved in every aspect of cooking. Where the food comes from. The science of it all. Colors. Taste. Texture. I just fucking love creating.


I can’t get enough of these green grape tomatoes. Such a great taste. And I’m not really a fan of regular grape tomatoes but these have a much better texture. Crunchy skin too.

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