Eat More Plants.

More fashion week…

So I finally (almost) finished watching all the fashion week shows that I had recorded. I am not a fan of Betsey Johnson but her collection this year really appealed to the girly girl in me.

I love a full skirt. I love the lines of the dresses. I love a dress that makes you look like a pretty little doll, and these do.

Makes me want to play dress up.

I was not impressed by Alexander Wang, although he’s not my style anyway. Too much flow and billowing fabric, not enough edge. That’s just my opinion though.

Juan Carlos Obando had these AMAZING arm bands that I can’t find pictures of anywhere! I am still searching. He was making them backstage by cutting shapes and slits in long leather cuff-like pieces. Some were a few inches in width and some were longer, almost 10 inches. Really beautifully handcrafted. I would love to replicate that.

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