Eat More Plants.

Self sustaining.


Our chickens are doing so great. We’re collecting about 8 eggs every day! At peak production we should get 2 dozen a day but it has to be warm out. It’s been pretty cold lately. It was actually just hailing when we were hiking! Ugh. I love fall but I know that winter is around the corner. I know, you’re saying why the hell do you live in Vermont if you hate snow? Welllll. It’s only really January & February that are (practically) unbearable and I can deal with that. The other 10 months are so lovely and fulfilling that it makes up for it.

My moms father had a farm in Nova Scotia and wrote a book on raising poultry. It’s been so helpful for this whole endeavor we’ve been on. I just don’t know if I’ll be able to kill them. If I had no choice and I had to do it in order to feed my family then of course I’d do it, but it definitely freaks me out a little.

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