Eat More Plants.

Are people ever going to acknowledge that religion is holding us back from progressing as a society?
Religion is constantly controlling and constraining (nice alliteration?) our need to explore our surroundings. Which is why I’ve never believed in the concept of a “god”. I don’t need to ask permission from anybody else to live and breathe and create. I don’t feel the need to constantly seek the acceptance of someone or something. As long as my morals are strong and I’m true to myself, I feel like I am going down the right path. My choices are my own and are not influenced by someone that cannot converse with me about right and wrong.
The closest I’ll get to religion is Buddhism, which is more philosophy than religion anyway. My mom is a Buddhist and I’ve learned a lot about it by reading as well. I grew up with it in my house and it’s always been completely normal to me. It’s about accepting what comes to you and trying to benefit from it. Learn from your experiences and always give back to society. Staying calm rather than spinning out of control. Knowing that whatever may come your way, you will be able to push through. It’s a comforting thing to feel self assured.

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  1. lifealight

    Irrespective of our belief set we are always answerable for something: law, family and society. Why not take the best out of religion be it Buddhism or otherwise. Man has the innate ability to abuse “good”. I believe in essence every religion started at the heart of purity and goodness and has since been transformed to suit the “keepers” of these religions in the form of money, power and respect. We have to learn to honor the core beliefs instead of the manipulated traditions associated with each religion or so is my personal belief.

    • foodfashionfarm

      Well said. However, I don’t agree that all religion started out as pure and “good” but let’s agree on the fact that man has manipulated whatever he can.


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