Eat More Plants.

Inside & Out.

So for the past year some things have been bugging me. I stopped smoking cigarettes over 5 years ago, same goes with alcohol. Don’t crave either of them anymore. I’ve always been pretty particular about what I put in my body…how come I’m not as picky about what I put on my body? As in make-up, hair dye, nail polish, etc…
I haven’t dyed my hair in about 7 months and I’ve been meaning to but I don’t think I’m going to give in. I sure as hell wouldn’t digest those chemicals so why would I put them on my head? Same goes for make-up and nail polish. Make-up really is the worst. I can count on my hands the amount of times I’ve worn make-up this whole year. Maybe it’s my hippie friends finally rubbing off on me after all these years of living in Vermont or maybe I’m just getting smarter…(? hoping).
Just because you’re not putting all these things directly in your body doesn’t mean it’s not seeping in through osmosis. I threw away all my nail polish a few months ago and started buying from this company called Karma Organic Spa. They make their nail polish without formaldehyde, DBP or toluene. I hope my fingers appreciate it. Lol. It also makes me feel (somewhat) better about letting my 4 year old daughter play around with it and not having to worry about the effects. She’s not really into painting her nails that much but when the mood strikes, it’s nice to feel safe about it.
Another thing I’ve switched out is moisturizer. I’ve been a pretty loyal buyer of Ole Henriksen products for years but I’ve always fallen back on olive oil or argan oil. They make my skin feel and look the best. I think I’ll stick with the latter for good. Save my $$ for something else.
The one thing I need to find is mascara. I have plenty of non-toxic lipsticks but I don’t wear lipstick that often anyway. Mascara is something that I would wear daily if I had a good one. Gotta do some research on that.

In conclusion, I’m giving up the toxics for the naturals.

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