Eat More Plants.

Merry Christmas!


This was my first vegan Christmas. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be! I brought some of my mango cheesecake with me to have for breakfast. I roasted some beautiful graffiti eggplants, delicata squash and chickpeas for everyone to eat with me. And also to show them that vegan does not mean boring and tasteless.

I’ve done the vegetarian thing before; in college and also the first year that I moved to Vermont. I feel more of a change in my body by cutting out all animal products rather than just red meat/ chicken/ pork/ etc…and on the holidays I remember feeling tempted to eat some meatballs or some braciole. I convinced my Nana to leave cheese off of half of a pizza and I put parsley, olives, garlic, roasted tomatoes, peppers and artichoke hearts on it. So delicious. Although my body wasn’t really used to eating white flour and I felt super bloated and tired after eating it.

I finally tried the quinoa pasta and it was amazing!! I put my dad’s marinara sauce on it too. Yumm.

Making pizza has been a tradition in my family on Christmas Eve even before I was born. My Nana lived in Brooklyn for about 35 years and carried the tradition to Long Island from her family in Sicily. That was the great thing about having a double oven; you could cook 4 pizzas at a time! Oh, the luxuries of a modern kitchen. This year we made 7 or 8 pizzas but back when the Christmas Eve parties were huge, she used to make almost 20!


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