Eat More Plants.

60 Days Vegan.


It’s been 60 days since I decided to go vegan and gluten free.

I feel great, mind & body alike.

I think I owe my success with the change due to the fact that I went raw vegan first, instead of just going vegan.
The raw vegan concept really made me appreciate this semi-new approach to cooking/ creating.

I had always done vegan cooking here and there but never felt the need to change completely.

It’s been years since I bought meat or cheese from a chain grocery store; I know the disgusting practices of giant, industrial farming. It was more my wanting to inspire others to go vegan that didn’t know about it. If I can inspire even one person a week by my recipes and photographs, I’ll be satisfied. Every person counts!

If we all stopped buying meat and dairy from the grocery store, it would make a huge difference. I know that’s not feasible but I hope that I can inspire as many as possible. Get a few people to research why they shouldn’t be buying that carton of cow’s milk or some “american cheese” wrapped in plastic.

I do feel a little sad that I’m not supporting my local farmers as much. I’ve gotten my daughter and her father eating way less dairy, and we rarely ate meat to begin with. I can’t deny him his sushi; it’s one thing I know he really loves lol. Not trying to be a total ball breaker.

So here’s to many more years of veganism! Don’t be afraid to try it. You just might fall in love…

3 Responses to “60 Days Vegan.”

  1. Crista

    love. congratulations!
    we eat mostly vegan but we do have sushi every now and then too…. YOLO 🙂


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