Eat More Plants.

Do Your Research.

As important as it is to eat raw foods, your body absorbs nutrients differently from eating those same foods when they’re cooked.

Yes, I’m an advocate of a raw diet but it’s important to add some cooked in there as well. And I don’t mean cooked chicken or a loaf of bread, I mean eating those same foods, especially veggies, cooked (sometimes).

I would advise anyone making a drastic change in their diet to see a holistic or naturopathic doctor for some blood testing. It doesn’t hurt to check and see if you’re lacking in anything! Always better to be informed.

2 Responses to “Do Your Research.”

  1. krrichar

    Agreed, I notice my body simply just FEELS lacking if I eat too many days in a row of raw food. I’ll get a little weak by the 3rd day if I haven’t had a nutritious cooked meal.

    • foodfashionfarm

      Yes! Same here. I usually eat some quinoa when I’m feeling like that, mixed with avocado and other goodness…


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