Eat More Plants.

Celine Eats Avocados.

So I finally bought a blog name. I’ve had this blog for almost a year and I’ve just been procrastinating about committing to a name. It feels like such a permanent thing, I wanted it to be good.

Celine Eats Avocados.

…Which is a true statement. Something I do everyday and have done since I discovered them in middle school (16 years ago!). I don’t think I could go long without eating one, honestly. I dubbed avocados “natures butter” when I worked at a restaurant years ago and tried to get my friend to use it on toast instead of butter.

Plant based fats > animal based fats.

So here’s to avocados and all the amazing things you can do with them!

Some facts about avocados:

Heart healthy!
Avocados are high in folate. People that eat diets with high folate content are less susceptible to heart disease. 1 cup of avocado contains 23% of your daily recommended intake of folate.

Cancer fighting!
Avocados have been known to help in oral, prostate and breast cancer. They contain glutathione, which is an important antioxidant preventing these cancers and aging.

Vitamin E!
Avocados contain the highest amount of vitamin e among all fruits. Vitamin e is an important essential vitamin.

Cholesterol lowering!
Avocados contain beta-sitosterol, which has been proven to lower cholesterol in as little as one week.

Truly, an avocado a day will keep the doctor away!

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