Eat More Plants.

Citrus Sunrise Smoothie.


Because every year in the midst of citrus season I start making this same smoothie. Only this time I didn’t have any coconut cream/milk so I used a handful of raw cashews instead. So creamy! These flavors would make a great raw cheesecake…

Who comes up with smoothie names anyway? I remember going to Smoothie King with my dad in Penn Station, thinking about that. I would go to work with him sometimes and he’d always make sure we had time to stop and get a smoothie (and an Archie comic book for me from Hudson News) before getting on the train home.

For my citrus dream supreme –

1 large, juicy orange (some rind left on if you’re using a high powered blender)
2-3 frozen bananas, mine were small so I used three
3-4 soft, medjool dates, chopped
1/4 c raw cashews
2 c cold water




4 Responses to “Citrus Sunrise Smoothie.”

  1. Yannelly Sanchez

    I thought i would try it with a grapefruit (mine was not sweet enough) so i had to add honey to cut the bitterness. Tomorrow I will try it with oranges. I have a bag full from my parents tree. I love the use os dates in this one.


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