Eat More Plants.



I have not been able to decide what I want to do next with my life for the past year. Have another baby, go back to work or go back to school. A combination of two? I just don’t know. If I go back to work, I’ll wait until my daughter is in school full time because i wouldn’t put her in daycare. I would go back to work at the hospital here and probably start doing the same thing I was before: EKG’s, holter monitors, dietary schedules and cardiology/ respiratory assisting. I would definitely get education to become a respiratory therapist because that would be my ultimate goal at the hospital.
If I go back to school, I’ll finish my degrees in cellular and molecular biology but then what do I do with those degrees? Honestly, there’s few other places I’d rather be than in a laboratory studying DNA and molecules, but I’m not sure how far from home I would have to travel to find as good a school as Stony Brook was for that. Actually I would love to go to pastry school also but maybe that’s something that could wait until I’m older…who knows.
I would also love to have another baby but I’m so afraid because my labor was so amazingly smooth the first time that it couldn’t be that easy again. I’m terrified of having to get a c-section. Even though I know there’s not much of a possibility of it happening, the thought is still in the back of my head. There are so many unnecessary deaths in childbirth, it freaks me out! I don’t remember feeling any anxiety at all the whole time I was pregnant so I don’t know why I developed this paranoia.
On a different note, if Mitt Romney gets elected I’m going to lose my freaking mind. I don’t even know where to begin. I just hate everything he stands for, his intentions are so sour. Let’s see what happens in November.

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