Eat More Plants.


>I ordered these sneakers today. Shocking really. I haven’t bought a pair of sneakers in probably 4 years. I should be ashamed to consider myself a runner. I mean not that I would run in these particular sneakers but it’s just been a while since I bough something besides boots or heels. Although I’m due for a new pair of running sneakers. The backs are sufficiently worn out on each shoe. I really only use them in the winter when I absolutely have to exercise inside on my treadmill. Otherwise I’m outside hiking or doing yoga for exercise. No need for sneakers for that. Anyway these sneakers I really like in the washed out red color. I’m really over the studded/ spiked wedge and heel trend but I really like it on sneakers lately. Or even on loafers I think it looks cute. I studded a pair of jean shirts a few months ago and I really love the way they came out. I wear a pair of lace bike shorts underneath them so that a 3 inch strip of lace becomes the bottom border of my shorts. My lace bike shorts are one of my fave pieces. They go great under dresses, skirts & shorts. Best piece of clothing I bought this year. Free People has the best selection I’ve found so far.

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