Eat More Plants.


Had a really great weekend at my parents house. It was my little ones fourth birthday this past Friday so we celebrated in vt and then on Long Island over the weekend. Where the hell has four years gone?! Unbelievable. My parents really over did it though. All Billy’s family came too. We had a BBQ and my nana made a bunch of salads, BBQ’ed corn, a giant princess cake, etc…you get the idea. About 30 people on my parents private beach was probably the most it could handle lol. The water was beautiful too. Nice and warm. I was really glad to see my cousin before she moved back down to Maryland! Of course my brother and his gf too because I don’t get too see them often. They went to school in Rhode Island and now they’re living in Brooklyn in a freaking amazing high rise on the water. So actually now I’ll be able to see them more often! I love family parties. My family is crazy but always hilarious. My Nana always says something that we’re all laughing about for months.

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