Eat More Plants.


Sooo I read an article about tapioca pearls causing cancer. And this morning my sis in-law told me she read the article as well. Hey, guess what else causes cancer? Cell phones. Pesticides. Sunblock. Artificial sweetener. Make up. Do I need to continue? Yes, there are many factors that can be attributed to the elevated rates of cancer our society is currently feeling. It’s really about picking and choosing how much exposure you have. Are you drinking diet coke with every meal? This could be a problem. Artificial sweetener is known to cause cancer in lab rats/ mice. I don’t wear sunblock or face make up anymore. I wear hats instead to protect my skin from the sun. Everything is relative on some scale. It’s also why I eat organic. They’ve been saying cell phones can cause brain cancer for years but you don’t see people throwing their phones in the garbage. In fact now you see them more attached than ever before. We live in a crazy world. Everybody is so worried about cancer but there hasn’t been any widespread change. Sure there are small movements all over like veganism and buying more locally grown food but there’s been increases in obesity and cancer steadily. I’m really going off on tangents today, sorry lol. I’m just kind of sick of the cancer bs all the time. Every day something causes cancer that was a “superfood!” the day before and then a month later it’s acceptable again.

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