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Fashion Week!


I love fashion week. I watched some of Carolina Herrera’s line and it reinforced my love of her style. Her designs are amazing. She somehow manages to stay true to her classic roots but with fresh colors and patterns every time. I love the face and the hair she chose as well.


I’ve seen a lot of blue & black combinations and I’m loving it! I know one of the cardinal rules of fashion is NO black & blue together but the blues that I’ve seen paired with blacks have a rich, jewel undertone and it looks great. Not a light blue but navy and deep royal blue. Love it.


I wish I had the time to go down to the city with my man for work this week. I haven’t made it down for fashion week the past few years. I think the last time was 2007! When we had the tattoo shop on the lower east side, it was a model laden area at the time. I’m not sure it still is. Anyhow, one of our model friends lived above the shop and every night after work he would take us to ridiculous parties for fashion week. I’ll admit I was totally star struck. My man is kind of clueless with celebrities. One time Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins came into the shop to buy bone jewelry for their daughter and he had no idea lol. After they left the other guy in the shop was like holy shit dude. A few of my model girlfriends moved out of the city because work was becoming sparse. But I guess that’s how it goes in the industry! One moved back to Germany where she lived most of her life and her career took off well there. One started traveling all over the world doing more DJ work than modeling. I guess you have to realize when it’s time to move on to something else…

All photos are from Carolina Herrera’s line.

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