Eat More Plants.



I made sooo much gazpacho this week. Like so much. Kind of ridiculous. My fridge is packed with quart jars of deliciousness. The only thing I need to add is some crunch on top when I serve it. We harvested a five gallon bucket worth of corn today! I used that raw, some pumpkin seeds and purple basil to top mine today. It’s really nice to be self-sustaining. Our hens started laying eggs a few days ago!!! So exciting. I can’t even express how happy I am that we can feed our family with things that we’ve produced on our own land. It feels really good to have accomplished that.
I’ve been baking a lot of gluten free and vegan pastries/ cookies. Vegan pastries aren’t that difficult, it’s the gluten free stuff that difficult. For me at least. I guess I could just buy the gluten free cake mix or whatever but I like doing it from scratch so I know exactly what’s going in.
I wish I had the patience to go full fledged vegan. I can’t give up cheese. Or eggs. Meat I can do without. I rarely eat red meat, chicken on occasion, only organic bacon. I do eat a lot of fish. I’ve went vegetarian over the years since high school, on and off. I can absolutely sustain myself on veggies, lentils and rice. It’s just the eggs and yogurt that keep me from going vegan! I don’t feel so bad eating eggs that I know where they come from, especially now that we have our own. When brands claim to be “cage-free” it doesn’t always mean they’re running around eating grass and really being free. They may not be in cages but that doesn’t mean they’re not piled on top of each other in some industrial building with barely enough room to turn around. Actually, we bought some steaks last week from a farm down the road that has grass fed cows and they were amazing. It really makes a difference. If you do eat meat, I guarantee that you will never go back to the store brand bullshit once you try the good, farm fresh stuff!!

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