Eat More Plants.

I really dislike the idea of “trends”. In fashion at least. I read a fashion blog that was stating the top 5 trends for fall and it was pretty pointless. I mean isn’t it obvious by now that we go florals for spring and leather and lace for fall?! It shouldn’t be about trends as much as it should be about wearing what makes you feel good. To me, the most important thing about what I wear is that it reflects who I am. Sure my style changes year to year but there’s always something that screams ME about my outfits. I definitely am not afraid of bold colors. I love polka dots. Lace is my best friend. I always buy jackets, leather or cotton, in muted neutrals. Black jeans and leggings for days. The one thing I miss so much in the hot months is wearing scarves!! Definitely my favorite accessory. I bought a beautiful ivory lace scarf at the beginning of summer and I’ve been dying to wear it. It’s been super cold at night recently so I know my time is coming!

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