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For those of you who live yoga (no typo, I mean live yoga as you live, eat, breathe and sleep it) and are also stay at home moms, I couldn’t give a better recommendation of Shiva Rea for yoga DVDs. I invested in a bunch of her DVDs after I had my daughter 4 years ago and I realized that I would not be able to attend classes outside my home anymore. It was a great investment. She’s really enlightened me on being spiritual and greatly increased my understanding of meditation. When I say spiritual, in no way do I mean religious. I do not believe in having one god or really any god at all. My mom has been a practicing Buddhist most of her life. I believe in Buddhism more as philosophy than as a religion. Anyhow, Shiva Rea has a really amazing way of making you feel like she’s there with you at home, teaching you. There’s only so much you can learn on your own, not just with yoga but with everything in life. Sometimes you need a great teacher! She absolutely is. If you’re looking to try one DVD out, my favorite is the vinyasa flow yoga. It’s a great workout and I always feel so awake and refreshed after doing it. Yoga is the best medicine.

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  1. wartica

    I agree with Shiva Rea; Ishwari Gonnot is another lady that put together another great yoga session, if you’re ever looking for something new:)


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